Dream A Little Dream

11 Jan 2011, Posted by Luke Renner in The Learning Village, 0 Comments

Dream A Little Dream

In Haiti, there are estimated to be between 5,000 and 10,000 children living on the streets. In Cap Haïtien, Haiti’s second largest city, several hundred children are known to be living transient and dangerous lives, seeking shelter along dark and perilous alleyways, foraging for their survival, numbing their pain with makeshift drugs, missing their opportunity for an education, and growing more at risk with every passing day.

These children are hanging in the balance.

It’s shocking that this very group of children has already been savagely victimized by one who promised to provide them with hope. In December of 2010, American humanitarian Doulas Perlitz confessed to his crimes and was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison. Since then, the children that he victimized have been forced back onto the streets.

If ignored, their futures will be bleak. In addition to the personal dangers that each will face, the burden they will place upon society is already more than Haiti can bare.

On the other hand we believe that, because of their resolve and ability to survive alone in one of the hardest places on earth, they also represent the kind of untapped human potential that could literally revolutionize their country. If only the right people will hear their silent struggles, take them seriously, and give them a chance.

We need your help.

With your help, Fireside International would like to open “The Learning Village” education and resource center for Cap Haïtien’s endangered children. This center will provide a safe haven in the event of an emergency, food and safe drinking water, a medical clinic, and an opportunity to creatively learn through the use of our technology-based educational materials and the guidance of Haitian tutors.

As with anything in Haiti, it is a challenge, but we believe this can be done with your help.

Already, the food has been promised by one Indiana charity and a quarterly medical clinic is slated to begin in March, with or without a proper facility.

Can you help us serve these children?

Right now we are seeking several dedicated volunteers to help us spearhead the project and raise the necessary funds. If you have the time and interest to help us meet this critical need, please email me immediately and let me know what you are willing to do.

Thank you in advance for your participation. We are excited to meet these children where they are and to provide hope where darkness has once again crept in.

Luke Renner


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