Making Lemonade!

21 Feb 2011, Posted by Luke Renner in CIMT, 3 Comments

Making Lemonade!

After receiving a generous donation of software from Rosetta Stone, our awesome computer lab is suddenly out-of-date. We need INTEL-based Macintosh computers in order to run the software, and we need to run the software because we have a HUGE list of people wanting to use it! Please watch this 1-minute video to learn more!

The video says we need 10 computers, but we actually need 11 (the +1 is for the administrative machine that manages the Rosetta Stone accounts).

We can purchase 11 Mac Mini computers for $8,300. If we go that route, we will use the current keyboards, mice, and monitors until we are ready to open the doors on the tech center for street kids. At that time, we will need to purchase new keyboards, mice, and monitors for the computers . . . but we will worry about that then.

IF someone wanted to help us take care of the entire thing all at once, we would purchase iMacs (includes everything: monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.). That will cost $15,418.59 (price includes shipping to Haiti & customs fees).

So there you have it; we are trying to make lemonade out of lemons. Can you help us figure this out? It’s really not a huge challenge with the right people involved. Please help us spread the word, connect us to people or organizations that might be able to help . . . ANYTHING you can think of to help us knock this out! We are EXCITED to see this happen!


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